Thursday, January 7, 2010

What do you use to get cooking oil off the wall?

i never cleaned the wall since i didnt pay attention on the amount of oil that was stuck on it so i hjave tried a few things to get rid of it and no luck waht can i use that works?What do you use to get cooking oil off the wall?
Use undiluted White Vinegar and a little Dishwashing liquid mixed and pour onto a very wet cloth or damp sponge wait about five to ten minutes then wash off with hot water and allow to air dry Good Luck !What do you use to get cooking oil off the wall?
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Warm water, vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Spray %26amp; wipe with soft towel. Also, make a paste out of baking soda %26amp; vineagar. It's not too abrasive but will help with those extra tuff spots.
hot water and vinegar and a scrubby. you could also try a cleaning product like greased lightening or something especially for grease.
that's a good question--I gave up %26amp; installed ceramic tiles on the wall behind my stove. unfortunately, my fridge is right beside the stove. I managed to remove some of the finish with an sos pad. grrrr. until it stopped working--a shark steam cleaner worked really good on the fridge.

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